rat love links:

donna haraway on trangenics

rat behavior and albino vision

the pied piper and eros


the animal therefore i am (excerpt)

holistic and alternative veterinary medicine

animal/human hybrids

rat care links:

dawn hayman, interspecies communicator

rodent enrichment

alternatives to animal testing

rat care guide

creative dietary health by ratsrule.com

the rat fan club

rat and mouse club of america

transgenic rat links:

HLA-B27 transgenic rats

experimental publication and HLA-B27 rat origin story

howard hughes funded DNA interactive tutorial on manipulation

scientific protocols for trangenic rat production

the virtual embryo

kathy high links:

felix: a journal of media arts & communications

videos by kathy high:

Animal Attraction
I Need Your Full Cooperation
Cloned Position

and search for artist kathy high at the
video data bank for these titles:

Icky and Kathy Trilogy
Shifting Positions
Underexposed: The Temple of the Fetus

GŁerita & Prietita co-directed with Shani Mootoo
Not So Ancient Histories

Please feel free to explore these links to many related topics on the WWW: The symbolic history of rats, the alteration of rat heredity in labs and the general care of rats as pets, mirrors and beings.

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